Submission of Contributions

Only contributions satisfying the following requests can be accepted: The reprint of the published paper will be provided to each author in electronic form in PDF. In adition, for personal use, each author will obtain the PDF version of the complete issue in which his/her paper appears.

Form of manuscript. Any standard format of TeX or MS Word. Use double spacing, number the pages and indent paragraphs.

Structure, style and notation. Detailed instructions are presented in guidelines for authors. Read them carefully before elaborating the manuscript.

Figures. Acceptable formats: PDF, PNG (recommended for line art) and JPEG (recommended for photographs). Use black-and-white or greyscale figures. Submit each figure in a separate file. The figures are resized for the print to fit the page dimensions. If a figure is too wide, it may be rotated by 90 degrees for the print.

Delivering the manuscripts. Via e-mail to the editorial office (see the inside front cover). The Editor will confirm the acceptance to the corresponding author.

Review stage. Manuscripts are usually evaluated by two independent reviews. The referees' identities are not released.

Proof stage. Authors obtain proofs in PDF via e-mail to correct possible errors. Do not return a corrected manuscript but send a list of corrections by an e-mail message (e.g. as an attachment file).

Copyright. Before publishing the paper, the authors are asked by the Editor to sign transfer of the copyright to the Publisher.