No. 2, 1999

Table of Contents

Jindrich Rybar, Bohus Ulrych, Frantisek Zizek
Optimum arrangement of rotor conductors of asynchronous generators for pumped storage hydro-plants from viewpoint of their additional losses, 101–113

Daniel Mayer
Theory of high-voltage bushing with semiconductive coating, 115–125

Jaroslav Kucera, Maciej Hajduga, Jan Glowacki
The measurement of carbon diffusivities in Fe-C-Cr-Mn-Si steels by chromatographic method, 127–141

Josef Cadek, Kveta Kucharova
Creep behaviour of discontinuous aluminium and aluminium alloy matrix composites: An overview. Part I: Load transfer and threshold stress effects, strengthening of the composite matrix with additional fine incoherent particles, 143–211