No. 6, 1998

Table of Contents

Jerzy Barglik, Ivo Dolezel, Bohus Ulrych
Induction heating of moving materials, 515–527

Viktor Valouch
Induction motor stator flux calculation, 529–542

Daniel Mayer, Svatopluk Zacharias
Maxwell stress tensor and forces in magnetic fields, 543–554

Vit Novak
Hall measurement in a nonstandard sample geometry, 555–560

Viktor Pekarek
Participation of electron spin in electromagnetic radiation, extra resonant series in the spectrum of hydrogen, 561–569

Josef Mrazek
The positive and negative lightning channel at the start of the thermal ionization, 571–585

Vaclav Nenicka
Effects of self-organization in dusty plasma and results of the kinetic theory of two- and three-particle velocity distribution functions, 587–605

Alexander S. Kravchuk
Study of contact problem for disk and plate with wearing hole, 607–613

Stanislav Bartos
Will IGCTs become superior over IGBTs in traction AC drives?, 615–622