No. 2, 1998

Table of Contents

Josef Cadek, Karel Milicka, Shije Zhu
On the threshold creep behaviour of aluminium dispersion strengthened by fine alumina particles, 119–133

Stanislav Vojtasek, Igor Zolotarev
A note on the Hurwitz problem for polynomials with complex coefficients, 135–145

Marian Pasko, Krzysztof Debowski
Selection coefficient for optimum symmetrization in n-phase networks, 147–159

Miros Pirner, Stanislav Pospisil, Sota Urushadze
Diagnostics of the Troja footbridge by means of dynamic response, 161–174

Jiri Klima
Analysis of a three-level PWM inverter fed induction motor in frequency and time domain, 175–188

Jaroslav Feda
Bonding of a cement-treated sand, 189–203

Ales Tondl
Dynamic absorber for an externally excited system having the pendulum form, 205–215