No. 1, 1998

Table of Contents

Josef Adam, Ivo Dolezel
Magnetic field of a leakage transformer, 1–18

Josef Cadek, Kveta Kucharova
On the simultaneous particulate reinforcement and dispersed particle strengthening in creep of aluminium and aluminium solid solution alloys, 19–35

Marcus Alexander
Flicker caused by wind turbines with cage induction generators directly connected to the grid, 37–50

Vratislav Kafka
General mesomechanical concept of modeling inelastic deformation, continuum damage and localization, 51–75

Ludek Schreier, Petr Medacek
Interruption of stator currents as the cause of unstable operation of three-phase machines, 77–94

Zygmunt Piatek
Impedance of overhead transmission line with ground return, 95–107

Ales Tondl
To the problem of quenching self-excited vibrations, 109–116