No. 4, 1997

Table of Contents

J. Cadek, M. Pahutova, V. Sustek
Creep behaviour of a 2124 Al alloy reinforced by 20 vol. % silicon carbide particulates, 431–454

Vaclav Bartos, Anna Kotlanova
Magnetic saturation in the three-phase asynchronous machines model, 455–464

Ales Tondl
Quenching effect of a foundation for a system with self-excitation synchronized by external excitation, 465–482

Zdenek Sobotka:
Differential and integral relations for the viscoelastic behaviour of isotropic and anisotropic bodies, 483–506

G. Nath
Boundary element solution of oscillatory flow inside a square cavity, 507–527

Sergej Drozhdin, Ljudmila Kamysheva, Yulija Shapovalova, Alexander Shchekotov
Application of experimental methods of nonlinear dynamics for investigations of structural phase transitions and polarization reversal in ferroelectric materials, 529–537