No. 1, 2006

Table of Contents

Miroslav Hlavacek
Frictionless contact of two congruent rigid spherical surfaces coated with a thin elastic incompressible and transversely isotropic layer: an analytic solution, pp.1-16

Antoni Cie�la, Wojciech Kraszewski, Miko�aj Skowron
Some selected aspects of high gradient magnetic separation using superconducting magnets, pp.17-34

Tomas Marek, Dagmar Faktorova, Klara Capova
Selected eddy current methods used in non-destructive testing, pp.35-44

Viktor Pekarek
Adiabatic concept of Young's moduli in metals, pp.45-53

Panagiotis A. Katsigiannis, Demetrios P. Papadopoulos
Dynamic assessment of a grid-connected microturbine system, pp.55-71

Jiri Votruba, Stanislav Javorsky, Bohumil Stadnik
Photodynamic equipment and gene treatment of bronchial cancer lesions, pp.73-85

Jaroslav Feda
Negative creep of some granular materials, pp.87-95

Daniela Perdukova, Pavol Fedor
The method of input space fuzzification for electrical drives fuzzy modelling, pp.97-107