No. 4, 2005

Table of Contents

Jaroslav Franek, Mojmir Kollar
Remembering a hundred years since publishing the theory of relativity, pp.307-318

Jan Hlina, Frantisek Chvala
Application of polynomial approximation to analytical solution of Abel inversion of radiation profiles in a thermal plasma jet, pp.319-322

Miros Pirner, Shota Urushadze
Parametric study of liquid damper, pp.323-346

Vaclav Nenicka, Jiri Sonsky, Vladimir Dolinek
Quasi-stationary heat flow diagnostics in plasma jets, pp.347-384

Zygmunt Pi�tek
Transient electromagnetic field in a conducting tubular workpiece, pp.385-398

Leslaw Topor-Kaminski, Marian Pasko
Realisations of general models of RMS-DC converters in ELIN-type circuits, pp.399-406