No. 4, 2004

Table of Contents

Zygmunt Pitek
Power emitted inside a conducting cylinder placed in longitudinal uniform transient magnetic field, pp.347-364

Eugeniusz Kurgan
Influence of electrolyte conductivity on cathodic protection with sacrificial anode, pp.365-382

Frantisek Chvala
Boundedness of the Boltzmann gain collision operators in Lebesgue spaces, pp.383-391

Jerzy Barglik
3D Analysis of coupled electromagnetic and temperature fields in transverse flux induction heating system supplied by current of mains frequency, pp.393-410

Pavel Ctibor, Salman Nourouzi, Muriel Inizan, Nadege Bonnet, Radek Enzl
Structural analysis of plasma- and wire arc-sprayed stainless steel coatings, pp.411-422

Vaclav Nenicka, Jiri Sonsky
Correlation analysis together with vortex geometry, two methods for tracing structures in plasma heat flows
Part I: Theoretical review and experimental results, pp.423-458

Martin Kollar
A new preprocessing circuit for ISFET, pp.459-467