No. 3, 2004

Table of Contents

Daniel Mayer, Bohus Ulrych
Surge phenomena in power transmission lines, pp.237-248

Yuriy Bobalo, Leonid Nedostup, Bogdan Mandziy, Myroslav Kiselychnyk
Conceptual questions of modelling and optimizing quality providing processes, pp.249-255

Les�aw Top�r-Kamiski, Marian Pasko
Digitally tuned sinusoidal oscillator using one multiple-input operational amplifier, pp.257-266

Frantisek Vondrasek, Ludek Piskac
Symmetrisation of input filter of three-level inverter with capture diodes, 267-279

Eugeniusz Kurgan, Pawe Schmidt
Model of mass transport and current density distribution in electrode of PEM fuel cell using Maxwell-Stefan approach, pp.281-294

Miros Pirner, Shota Urushadze
Liquid damper for suppressing horizontal and vertical motions of footbridges, pp.295-328

Dariusz Spaek, Krzysztof Waleczek
Electromechanical converter with anisotropic spherical rotor-analytical solutions for electromagnetic field, torques and power losses, pp.329-344