No. 2, 2004

Table of Contents

Ludek Schreier, Miroslav Chomat, Jiri Bendl
Operating regions of adjustable-speed units with doubly fed machines, pp.119-136

Daniel Mayer, Martin Jedlicka
Lift and drag forces on magnetically suspended trains, pp.137-147

Frantisek Kroupa, Lubos Nahlik, Zdenek Knesl
Crack growth in thermally sprayed ceramic coatings, pp.149-168

Mykola Shulzhenko, Pavlo Gontarowskiy, Yuriy Matyukhin, Michael Pantelyat, Ivo Dolezel, Bohus Ulrych, Karel Benes
Computer modeling of induction heating-based assembly and disassembly of shrink fits, pp.169-183

Ales Tondl, Lubomir Kocanda
System excited by vortex shedding with a dynamic absorber, pp.185-201

Bernard Baron, Tadeusz Glinka, Zygmunt Pi�tek, Dariusz Spa�ek
Analysis of electromechanical converter on the Delphi platform, pp.203-213

K.A. Gorodzha, M.V. Myslovich, R.M. Sysak, O.V. Ulitko
Singularities of metrological characteristics determination of measuring channel in diagnostic systems for electrical engineering equipment, pp.215-221

Marian Pasko, Tomasz Adrikowski
Even order elliptic filter design using OTA-C or OTA-RC biquadratic structures, pp. 223-234