No. 2, 2003

Table of Contents

Miroslav Chomat, Ludek Schreier
Compensation of unbalanced three-phase voltage supply in voltage source inverter, pp.113-128

Ondrej Kovarik, Jiri Nohava, Jan Siegl
Mechanical properties of plasma sprayed alumina coatings, pp.129-145

Viktor Valouch
Linearized model of electrical ARC furnace suitable for analysis of flicker mitigation, pp.147-156

Viktor Pekarek
New aspects of thermodynamic affinity between solids and gases, pp.157-174

Vaclav Nenicka, Jan Hlina, Jiri Sonsky, Ludek Krejci
Application of the correlation analysis to identification of coherent structures in free plasma flow, pp.175-201

Jiri Nohava
Wet slurry abrasion tests of ceramic coatings deposited by water-stabilized plasma spraying, pp.203-214