No. 1, 2002

Table of Contents

Miroslav Chomat, Ludek Schreier, Jiri Bendl
Adjustable-speed power unit with doubly fed machine, pp.1-12

Jiri Klima
A frequency-domain analytical model of a four-switch space-vector PWM inverter, pp.13-38

Frantisek Kroupa, Jiri Plesek
The effect of uniaxial pressure on elastic parameters of plasma-sprayed ceramics, pp.39-46

Pavel Solin, Karel Segeth
Performance of various ODE solvers on FV-semidiscretized nonstationary compressible Euler equations, pp.47-66

Ales Tondl
Two parametrically excited chain systems, pp.67-74

Jaroslav Feda
Stochastic approach to the soil behaviour, pp.75-86

Jan Trnka, Michal Landa
Double pulse holointerferometry and ultrasonic techniques used in study of guided waves propagating in a thin cylindrical shell, pp.87-97

Josef Tlusty
Lyapunov exponents and the route to chaos in power systems under ferroresonance, pp.99-118