No. 2, 2001

Table of Contents

Jiri Klima
Investigation of starting a three-phase induction machine with one phase out of the source of supply, pp.119-136

Daniel Mayer, Jan Teply
Theory of Thomson's Jumping Ring, pp.137-149

Jaroslav Feda
Stress-path dependent grain crushing of soils, pp.151-166

Pavol Fedor, Daniela Perdukova, Jaroslav Timko
Study of controlled structure properties with reference model, pp.167-179

Zdena Benesova, Daniel Mayer
One-line-to-ground fault on overhead lines, pp.181-195

Azza M. Abdel-Hamid
Static device to keep symmetry of 3-phase supply feeding large 1-phase loads, pp.197-211

Bandekas, D.V., Pogaridis, D., Antoniadis P.
Multimachine power system control with algebraic output feedback method, pp.213-226